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Windsor Telecoms delivers simply better business technology

Windsor Telecom is an award-winning national telecom and connectivity supplier with over 20 years of experience helping businesses unlock the perfect customer and working experiences that enable
them to grow.

Windsor Telecom started out in 1999 and soon became the leading provider of memorable phone numbers and the services that helped businesses make it easy for customers to connect with them.

Since then, Windsor has grown into a full-service technology partner, supporting over 6,000 businesses with their connectivity, communication, and IT services needs. That means you can rest assured that any solution delivered will achieve the required goals, given that Windsor’s team knows every provider, as well as tried and tested every product on offer, to ensure our independent product portfolio simply works, no matter your industry, size or scope.

From cost-effective Broadband to high-speed Full Fibre and Leased Lines, Windsor Telecoms can advise on the perfect connection to future-proof your business, ensuring a resilient connection that keeps your operation online 24/7, backed by business-grade Service Level Agreements.

Whether a small start-up office or a fully-fledged Contact Centre, Windsor’s experience will help you bring workplace conversations to life so your customers and team will stay engaged. All so that you can experience the thrill of an improved customer journey, leverage the benefits of a unified process and establish robust best practices.

Managed Services
Take the pressure off your leaders or IT team with a range of managed services that ensure your data remains safe from hackers and is backed up to ensure business continuity. Plus, 24/7 IT support will keep your team productive thanks to a responsive and knowledgeable team that will get your team back up and running in no time.


“A great client experience is paramount to B P Collins, which means that our communications technology is vital. Our new cloud telephony solution has completely changed the way we work making it easier for us to communicate with clients and each other. We now use Microsoft Teams for both internal and external communications. The new solution fully supports our collaborative approach and ensures we always have access to the right data and expertise. We had a new phone system for 120 colleagues in just ten days, which confirms just how easy and straightforward Windsor Telecom is to work with.”

John Hargrave, Chief Operating Officer at B P Collins

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