Xpression Events and Xpression Logistics have, over time, changed many of their working practices to reduce the impact of their Carbon Footprint.  Such changes include using biofuels in generators and making sure all waste is disposed of correctly, including sending anything possible to charities for re-use; actively finding ways to use less plastic e.g. using biodegradable bags or keeping all events equipment, maintain it to a high standard and re-using it.

Being in the haulage and transportation industry, Xpression feel the weight of their responsibility to the environment and are proud to say they now have over 40 vehicles which are ULEZ compliant (Euro 6).  And, being based at Upper Hayford near Oxford, they also run electric vehicles to deliver into Oxford’s Zero Emission Zone (ZEZ); add that to their recent Carbon Neutral Britain Certification for the work they do with United Pallet Network, so that pallet deliveries are Carbon Neutral (offset).

‘Customers are more and more conscious of the suppliers they use being environmentally aware’ said Jonathan Hill, MD of Xpression Group.  ‘We are determined to do what we can to remain ahead of the game in the haulage and events industries’”.