in partnership with SME London’s Silver award winners for CSR –  Active Workplace Solutions

Telemos Capital is a private equity investment firm funded by family capital in 2017. They are headquartered in the prestigious Mayfair region of London. They make €50-200 million equity investments as control or majority shareholder in companies within healthcare services, consumer, and business services across Europe.

Telemos acquired additional significant floorspace (220m2) completing its occupation of an entire floor. They had a vision to create an elegant, contemporary but ultimately practical client-side area. The space needed to be multi-purpose, including somewhere welcoming to host meetings and board meetings. The concept also embraced the fact that the Telemos portfolio of companies would also be invited to use the facilities; an invaluable asset for organisations that may have yet to invest in their own suitable premises.

Telemos feel strongly that providing staff with an enhanced environment for spending long days at work, is a way in which they can show appreciation for their dedication and that it differentiates them from other employers. Telemos staff often work long hours whilst in the active phase of an investment and the space needed to provide comfortable and appropriate meal break and relaxation areas. Telemos are also committed to promoting well-being, and many staff (and clients) were interested in the possibility of running or cycling to the office or working out and being able to change before continuing their working day. This added the requirement for a top spec gym, showering and changing facilities.

The project was at a stage of design intent images only, with a look and feel brochure to provide a client scope when Active were invited to tender. The project had a tight timeline of 12 weeks, to include dilapidation of the space prior to the new build works commencing. The space was located on the 4th floor, in central Mayfair, which obviously presented material delivery and waste clearance challenges, not to mention the building had occupants above and below, so a considerable amount of works had to be undertaken out of hours.  The project required complete mechanical and engineering reconfiguration, bespoke joinery and manufacturing not mention state of the art AV installations.

Even before putting in their tender, Active attended the site accompanied by key contractors to get eyes on the actuality of the space and not just a pitch based on a design concept. Using this experience allowed them to build an accurate remit for the proposed plans.

“Active asked for a delay of 24 hours before they submitted their tender. During this time, they performed a site visit with more than a dozen of their major contractors. I’m not certain it was intended to be so, but it gave us a brilliant first impression of how they work – it inspired confidence.” states Maria Lewis, Office Manager at Telemos. “They were taking things seriously, keen to be accurate in their tender and demonstrated that they had a supply chain that was as committed as they were. By overlaying our designs over the actual space, they were also able to offer some really valuable advice on layout challenges that informed the final installation.” 

Board rooms, meeting rooms, downtime areas, bathrooms, reception – this project utilised just about every element that Active has in their skillset: woodwork, stonework, acoustics, glass panelling, lighting, bespoke joinery, and all their HVAC, AV, mechanical & engineering skills.

The sustainability agenda is ever present for all businesses and the Telemos fit out incorporated as many elements of energy efficient materials as possible. There was constant monitoring of wastage and the reuse and recycling of materials and equipment where at all possible.

The finished result is slick and impressive. Contemporary and practical design has been given a high-end finish that screams quality. With this project, Telemos have invested in themselves to show what they stand for as a business, and the results shine.

“Active really are fantastic at partnerships -you can see it in their relationships with their suppliers and subcontractors. The way they partnered with us stands out too. They were honest, they were down to earth and always operated with integrity and a solution finding approach. If an element wasn’t going to work – they told us. No flannel. No promising the unachievable. This is the way that projects should always be run.” enthuses Maria. “Active never approached us with problems – always with solutions and innovative workarounds to achieve our vision. We were skeptical that our tight deadline was achievable, but it was! We are all delighted with the finished results which, we think, accurately reflects who we are as a business.” she concludes.