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About David Craddock Consultancy Services

David Craddock

David Craddock is the exclusive author of Tolley’s Guide to Employee Share Schemes and The ICSA Employee Share Schemes Handbook together with numerous articles on employee share schemes, share valuation and related subjects for, amongst others, Tax Journal, Croner CCH, Chartam Magazine, Chartered One Magazine, London Business Matters and Business Voice.

Through David Craddock Consultancy Services that he established in 1997, David has developed a varied clientele that covers companies of all sizes from major public limited companies to smaller private companies across the full spectrum of the SME sector as well as the trustees of employee share trusts for FTSE-100 companies and private individuals.

David is a member of the Steering Committee of The ESOP Centre in London and a Fellow
of The ESOP Institute for which he is the senior examiner in employee share ownership studies. He is a regular contributor of research papers to The ESOP Centre and a regular contributor to the highly prestigious White Paper Conferences. David is the co-founder, Technical Secretary and Senior Advisor to the share valuation LEADS Valuation Team, the small group of practitioners that meets regularly with HMRC on share valuation matters to discuss how they interact with employee share schemes. He represented ProShare UK on the government committee that advised the government in advance of the introduction of the employment-related securities legislation and the special share schemes corporation tax deduction in 2003 and has acted as Economics Policy Adviser to the Employee Shares Policy Forum in its representations to the British Chancellor of the Exchequer.

David is a lecturer, educator and seminar leader in employee share schemes and share valuation in the UK and overseas. For 18 years he was visiting senior lecturer at the Institute of Chartered Secretaries for the delivery of full-day lectures on employee share schemes and occasional visiting lecturer at the Chartered Institute of Taxation. He has also lectured for the National Center for Employee Ownership in Chicago and San Francisco, for the Institute of International Research in Johannesburg and for the European Centre for Employee Ownership in multiple European cities. He has trained accountants and solicitors in the UK in employee share schemes and share valuation for over 25 years through the Oxford-based training company, Professional Training Partnership, and previously Central Law Training. He is also a regular presenter of webinars for The Financial Services Club in London and addresses the annual conferences of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners in Jersey and Guernsey.

David is a graduate in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Oxford University and undertakes projects for clients in the UK and overseas covering tax planning, employee share schemes, employee share trusts, employee ownership trusts, share valuation, share reconstructions, management buyouts, investment education and economics. For over 25 years David has been a member of The Royal Overseas League and The Institute of Directors.

David is also the co-founder and co-CEO of Books to Uplift, a publishing company based
in Los Angeles,; and co-creator of the corporate development programme,, that operates in the UK and the USA.
Please do not hesitate to contact David Craddock on the following contact details: Telephone: 01782 519925 Mobile Phone: 07831 572615

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A company’s top talents fuel growth, achievement, and success, that’s why it’s smart to keep them happy. Many companies offer bonuses and fun perks in an effort to attract and retain their best employees, one of the best ways to do this is by letting them own a piece of the company itself through something called an “Employee Share Scheme”.

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In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, traditional ownership models are facing increasing scrutiny. Employees are yearning for greater involvement, businesses are seeking sustainable growth strategies, and communities are demanding shared prosperity. Enter Employee Ownership Trusts (EOTs), an innovative model that offers a compelling solution to these aspirations. What is an EOT?

Employee Share Schemes: The Impact of Inflation and the Cost-of-Living Crisis

David Craddock is a recognised authority in the UK and worldwide on employee share schemes and cash profit-sharing schemes and is the author of Tolley’s Guide to Employee Share Schemes. In this article, David Craddock offers a prescription for the British Government on how to tackle the cost-of-living crisis through the application of employee share ownership economics.

The Employee Ownership Trust and Other ESOP Exit Strategies

The Employee Ownership Trust, (“EOT”), has become a very popular method for existing shareholders to exit their company. At this time when trade buyers have largely retreated from the marketplace, the EOT offers a seriously tax-efficient, commercially effective, and comparatively painless way to sell the company.

Case Studies

EMI Case Study 1

An Overview of the Statutory Requirements

The highly tax-efficient and highly-commercially flexible EMI was first introduced through Finance Act 2000 and has the potential to benefit any company that meets the criteria for a Qualifying Company and whose employee participants meet the criteria for an Eligible Employee…

EMI Case Study 2

For Long-Term Incentive Plan (“LTIP”) Requirements

Company quoted on the Alternative Investment Market with a value of £18 million.
High level reputation in the business of passenger and freight rail transport.
Already has Share Incentive Plan and a ShareSave Scheme on an all-employee basis…

EMI Case Study 3

For An Employee-Controlled Company In Perpetuity

Private company currently worth £5 million with no plans for sale in either the short-term, the medium-term or the long-term.
Very fast growth company in the business of software testing and recognises the opportunities in the U.K. and throughout the world for its continuing growth…

EMI Case Study 4

For Succession And Shareholder Investment Diversification (Note: Employee Share Schemes for Management Buy-Outs)

Company has grown steadily over many years and existing shareholders in their late 50s are contemplating retirement…