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Coaching Quality

Our coaches are ICF qualified so you know you are in safe hands where the Code of Ethics is central to how we contract and manage our engagement with you.

Our goal is to be committed to your challenges, and our guarantee is that we offer a review with you for feedback.

Whether executive coaching is aimed at CEOs and the Leadership Team, or to tackle particular challenges in a project or new business unit, we can offer a range of options.

Coaching for Individuals
CEOs themselves often lie to experience confidential coaching for themselves before cascading to key individuals or teams. We offer choice in how this happens, and which style of coaching would suit them best.

Coaching for Teams
Team Coaching, online or in person is focused on collaboration, trust and ideation. Using our CREATE model, we help teams understand the characteristics of a high performing team.

Enabling CEOs to Upskill Their Teams

As a small local company with over 20 years’ leadership experience, our coaching programmes are designed specifically for SMEs to elevate your team’s potential and drive success in your organization.

Our ICF qualified coaches, who also have business experience, will guide your team through a personalised coaching journey focused on skill development and growth.

Achieve tangible results with our tailored solutions designed to address the unique challenges and opportunities faced by SMEs.

Whether you’re looking to enhance leadership capabilities, improve team collaboration, or develop specific skills, our coaching programmes are designed with you to meet the specific needs of your business and support your people.

With our proven coaching methodology, psychometric assessments and practical strategies, your team will gain the skills and knowledge needed to overcome obstacles, seize opportunities, and achieve your business goals. With no hidden costs, you know exactly what you will receive to measure the ROI.

Seamless Integration not Interruption!
We seamlessly integrate into your day-to-day operations, allowing your team to enhance their skills without disrupting workflow.

With flexible scheduling and personalized coaching sessions, your team can upskill at their own pace while focusing on driving business results.

“I have a firm belief in building an approach to coaching that addresses and supports positive change for individuals, groups and organisations. The future you will create will be based on your current decision-making processes. 

Executive Coaching is the key to unlocking insight and capacity in response to a fast-changing world.”

Maureen Adams
CEO and Founder


”I came to coaching looking to resolve my career direction. I knew I was capable but sometimes found it hard to make career decisions because of the long-term impact.

I chose 90-minute coaching sessions so I wouldn’t feel rushed and could explore some of the obstacles more deeply. Early on, we clarified my vision and what mattered most to me, and from there, I began experimenting with new ways of working and approaching situations.

At the end of the programme, I was delighted to achieve a significant internal promotion that had seemed out of reach. Coaching brought out my capabilities, and I began believing in myself.

What also worked for me was the additional between-session ideas that sparked new thinking.

”When I started a new Director level role, the challenges began to build, so I sought out coaching.  I recognised that I needed to step into the leadership function more confidently from the outset. Coaching provided powerful insights that propelled me forward. I now have an energy and dynamism that means I step out in front.

I have worked hard for this opportunity and want to enjoy it. It has been so exciting to recognise my own personal transformation.

I would say to anyone considering coaching don’t hesitate; it will accelerate your success.”